Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Like Night and Day

Well I mentioned a few weeks ago that when I stopped my antibiotics I had a relapse of symptoms.:-( It happened very quickly... like just a day after ceasing the antibiotics. I started taking them again and just about as quickly as the symptoms had come back they went away! Yay! I'm feeling pretty good right now.

Right now we are in Chicago. I'll post more about that on my other blog when we get home. Holden had his appointment in MO yesterday. The doctor is pleased with his progress. He prescribed some new anbitiotics. He also said he probably doesn't have babesia so we are not going to take those meds anymore (though he isn't sure if it was them that caused the rash). Holden was taking them for 10 days before the rash started and we didn't notice a herx and if he had babesia we would of been able to tell.

Well I'm off to get ready. We have A LOT of stuff to do today.

Just wanted to update about how we are doing.


amishsunshine said...

Hello. I have Lyme too, and I'm going through the exact same thing with the antibiotics; went off them two days ago and feeling it full force. If you don't mind me asking,what antibiotic are you on?

JG said...

Hi Lauren. I just found out that I have Lyme too. I'm on my first round of treatments. I wonder if Michael J. Fox should still be on antibiotics and if so how would that affect his Parkinson's symptoms? Anyway, I just found your blog and I'm so thankful for it. When did you find out your son has Lyme too? I have 3 kids and am worried I passed it to them...the best to you and your family and hope doctors get smarter about this really quick.

Lauren said...

I was taking doxycycline, but I've recently switched to amoxicillin. I feel good on both, but amox is definitely easier on my stomach.

gl with your treatment!

Lauren said...

hi JG,

Sorry to hear that you have Lyme. I how you do well with your treatment plan.

I've wondered about Michael J. Fox too. I know he did have Lyme in the early 90's, but apparently recovered from it... who knows.

I found out about my son in Sept. 2007 (a few mths. after my diagnosis). Unfortunately I was in denial for awhile and didn't start treatment for him until Dec. 2008. I regret that, but you can't change the past. He is doing good now.

Thanks for coming to my blog. I wish you and your family the best.


Lindsay said...

Hey Lauren,
It's nice to find other bloggers speaking of Lyme openly, looking at the political nature of the disease. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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sonyafly said...

Hi. I just found your blog. How have you and your son been doing? You haven't posted since April. I blog about my Lyme Disease too. You can find my blog

LymeFighter11 said...

Hey Lauren. I am 14 years old, and I have Lyme also. I feel your pain! It's good to see someone else out there too. Know that you're not alone! Goodluck to you! Check out my blog at

spill said...

A close friend of my girlfriend contracted Lyme disease about 2 years ago. She has had a ruff go because the testing came back negative.Which is the case for alot of people in Canada.
I created a blog for her and now she is too sick to blog. She finally started treatment but like I said it's been 2 years.
Would you please tell your lyme disease story on her blog. Become a member and I will make you an author.

that goes for anyone who has a story!

CoffeeShopBloggers said...

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malinamartis said...

That was so sad to listen Lauren! I hope get well soon.............
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Katie said...

hey Lauren! i love how you show your experiences with Lyme on your blog, it helps people with lyme understand that there are people who are going through the same thing and that they're not alone. I have lyme too, but i'm only 13. Check out my blog! i only recently started posting, but i think its col that you shared your experienced and i wanted to show mine as a teenage with Lyme

Val said...

Hi, I've just been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome at the end of 2010 but I could've been falsely diagnosed and just been dealing with Lyme the whole time. It's soooooo complicated...but I made a new blog where I'll be talking about it and stuff so follow me if you'd like.:)