Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Like Night and Day

Well I mentioned a few weeks ago that when I stopped my antibiotics I had a relapse of symptoms.:-( It happened very quickly... like just a day after ceasing the antibiotics. I started taking them again and just about as quickly as the symptoms had come back they went away! Yay! I'm feeling pretty good right now.

Right now we are in Chicago. I'll post more about that on my other blog when we get home. Holden had his appointment in MO yesterday. The doctor is pleased with his progress. He prescribed some new anbitiotics. He also said he probably doesn't have babesia so we are not going to take those meds anymore (though he isn't sure if it was them that caused the rash). Holden was taking them for 10 days before the rash started and we didn't notice a herx and if he had babesia we would of been able to tell.

Well I'm off to get ready. We have A LOT of stuff to do today.

Just wanted to update about how we are doing.